NATO takes stern steps to stop Pro-Gadhafi forces’ suppression in Libya

Gadhafi’s supporters continue to suppress rebels in Libya. They are being assaulted in the cities which rebels had taken under their control—Misrata and Zintan. Allied forces and NATO are continuing their attacks to stop Gadhafi supporters’ torture against rebellions. Tripoli witnessed continuous explosions and anti aircraft fire on Wednesday.

According to the reports NATO has brought its warships off Libya Coast with UN arms embargo. NATO is also trying to impose flight restrictions on Libya following the declaration of no-fly-zone. The reports regarding NATO forces’ attack came after Gadhafi’s fierce criticism against the international military actions against his supporters.

Gadhafi recently reiterated his promise to fight against the unrest by the rebels and interference from international communities.

The Libyan president declared in a public appearance that the country is ready for the battle. He further said that it would not matter for Libya whether the battle was short or long and Libya was ready to give reply.

Gadhafi fledged international forces for their military attacks on his supporters and efforts for implementing no fly zone over Libya. He stated that it was a crusade against Islam religion. The speech was broadcast live by a state television channel in Libya.