Netanyahu sets tough agenda for peace negotiations

The prime Minister of Israel Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu addressed American congress where he asked the Palestinians back to the negotiation table but with a tough stance on some of the issues that divided the two sides. He told congress that the Israeli government is prepared to make concessions in exchange for peace.

His speech to the congress was immediately rejected by the Palestinian officials who declared that the stance of Israel is equivalent to declaration of war against the people of Palestine.

It appears that the speech was accepted by the American law makers who greeted his speech with resounding ovation. The prime minister has presented a proposal that would lead to two separate nations that would be co existing with each other. The proposal that was presented by the prime minister according to him would lead to what he called viable, prosperous and an independent Palestinian state. The speech was high mark of the prime minister’s visit to US thus ending the row that has greeted the Obama 1967 border line agenda.

The prime minister is one of the few world leaders who had the special privilege of appearing before the US congress twice. He told the congress that Israel is ready to make some concessions including land.