North, South Sudan pose to fight over Abyei

The two Sudanese countries are preparing for war over the control of the border town of Abyei. The town which is very rich in oil is contested between the two countries. The last report had it that the Northern Sudanese army has taken control of the town.

This was confirmed by the Khartoum television, a television owned by the North Sudan government. The report said that the army took the town after repelling what it called enemy forces. The development was also confirmed by the UN officials who have been monitoring development in the town before the formal declaration of independent by South Sudan in July.

The taking over of the town by the North occurred after about three days of crash between the North and South Sudan forces. The recent development is worrying the international community as it could trigger off a civil war between the two Sudanese countries.

South Sudan is set to become independent from the North in July and the border town of Abeyi is hotly contested by both sides. The international community is now worried whether the conflict is over or whether a new civil war is set to erupt between the two sides. The international community is waiting to see how the conflict would be resolved for the interests of both sides.