Oakland administration arrests people to avoid unrest

California government uses tear gas to scatter protesters from Oakland.

Anti-Wall Street demonstrations fill the streets of entire state of California on November 2. Around 8 people were injured during clashes between Oakland police officials and the demonstrators on Thursday.

Oakland people though claimed that the protesters were demonstrating through peaceful rallies against economic discrimination in the state and the United States.  The police claimed the officials were compelled to use tear gas to control the protesters who were turning violent. The police officials of riot gear surrounded hundreds of demonstrators who were participating in rallies in streets of Port of Oakland. The police fired tear gas in order to disperse thousands of protesters who caused almost a shutdown in the entire city.

The demonstrators mainly included working class people of the Oakland City, which is situated on the eastern bank of San Francisco Bay.

According to an official report, more than 80 people were arrested while 5 protesters and 3 police officials were injured during clashes between them.

The police claimed that they had to take initiatives against the agitating protesters who were vandalizing public properties and provoking the city administration.