Obama’s healthcare in problem owing to Appeals court’s ruling

With a ruling against Obama’s dream project—Healthcare law, Democrats face another setback on Friday. The Appeals court ruling considered it “unconstitutional” to force Americans to buy insurance or pay a penalty otherwise. The appeal court for 11th Circuit, which is based in Atlanta, believes that the Congress is crossing its sphere of authority by imposing on Americans with something like buying coverage

The mandate may totally reverse the situation throwing out the entire law, however its legality is yet to be decided by the US Supreme Court. The opposition Republicans, however, think that the Healthcare law is totally invalid and must fall.

The healthcare law has been a burning issue for the 2012 presidential campaign and almost all Republicans have fiercely opposed the law. Despite this, the Congress has already adopted the in 2010.

Obama, always considered the law as a major accomplishment of the Democrat government and advocated for it to expand to maximum number of Americans. The Democrats are still hopeful that the healthcare law will survive through all oppositions as well as the lower court’s ruling against it, stated Presidential aide Stephanie Cutter in a statement.

The US Supreme Court is expected to look into the issue in October term, and that will be definitely have a great impact on immediately preceding presidential elections in Novemebr 2012.