Obama’s official spokesperson Gibbs to resign from White House job

US President Obama’s spokesperson, Robert Gibbs is resigning from his post. However, he is not leaving the job to give more useful service to Obama from outside the White House.

Gibbsannounced  leavig the job of press secretary fromFebruary. He will work then after as a paid consultant for Obama to campaign for next presidential polls. Gibbs stated that he would be able to work more efficiently for Obama outside the office.

The Democrats are gearing up for the 2012 presidential campaign Obama is going to put Gibbs in the front line for speaking in public debates during campaign.

Robert will not be receiving any government salary after February and he won’t even show up in the press room podium.

Gibbs further stated that he did not regret for his decision as he will be involved now in more active roles for the administration and President Obama and would be very happy to do that.

Brad Woodhouse, an official from the Democratic National Committee said that Robert Gibbs’ job in the White House had more limitations and as a consultant he would be more emphatic in commenting on opposition’s actions.

Obama himself had stated about Gibbs as an employee who worked more than what he was paid for. Gives is getting $172,200  per annum right now.