Obama adds Clinton-era policy adviser Bruce Reed in team

US Vice President Biden recommended Clinton era policy adviser Bruce Reed  as the new head for his team. This is an addition all veteran members of Clinton’s administration, who had been given key responsibilities in Obama administration.

Democrat leader Reed replaces Ron Klain as domestic policy adviser whereas Klain will now work for former AOL chairman Steve Case in his business and charity works.

The reshuffle of staffs in the White House indicates the changing political scenario in US post-Nov elections. Reed had played a key role during Clinton’s rule in promoting free trade and minimize deficit. Moderates are happy for the return of Clinton’s right wings and hope their experiences would manage the US economy in more efficient way.

Reed has also served in Obama’s deficit reduction panel as executive director. He is considered as an expert to handle issues of budget deal and social security.

Bruce Reed is going to play a crucial role in the deficit commission, stated a white House official. He would be carving out strategies to set priorities for the budget and social security deals.

However, William Galston, Clinton’s ex-policy adviser has termed this reshuffle a blunder citing Reed’s past work against the liberal views.