Obama and debt paradigm

Recent weeks have been full of debt discussions be it a newspaper or television show or any news channel in the United States and world. All plans made by Obama were or have been just terrific; all bills proposed seemed to be unique and a quick solution to pull the US economy out of recession. However, every step proved to be most difficult while passing through different phases of congressional fights.

The Democrats, the Republicans or  GPO obstacled each other at every minor step that was hopefully looked by the common mass as a solution. What actually comes out as a final outcome of every discussion is nothing but a mean to tempt voters in the next election.

By emphasizing on empowering government to raise control over natural resources, Obama looked more conservative than President Reagan. Calling it as a resolution to economic slump, the president said he had no choice.. But in this way, he has also annoyed the progressive bunch of US diplomats. Now failure to raise the debt ceiling has certainly given a major blow to the Democrats, who were already feeling it hard to save their position in the Senate.

When Barack Obama was campaigning for presidential elections, the wave for changes swept all the voters but now the tides of failure to fulfill those over-expectations; the burden of a Nobel given in hope of miracles is drowning all the hopes of government, Americans and those who enchanted hymns throughout the world –looking at their black Messiah of paradigm.