Obama Appoints Expert as Fossil Energy Head

President Barack Obama of United States of America has made some changes in the energy department with the appointment of chief operating officer to act as the assistant secretary. This was announced by White House last Friday.

The nominee Charles McConnell has being with the energy department for about one year after being in charge of carbon management for about 2 years. Before he will assume office he will need to be confirmed by the senate.

The nominee has experiences in fossil energy having spent 31 years at Praxair Inc one of the biggest gas company in North America. He has also served in different capacities in the past as regards to energy.

The nomination is seen as one of the bold steps by the administration to tackle the issue of green energy which the Obama administration is strongly committed to. The role of the nominee will be among other things to source alternative reserves for oil. The office will help the country have access to clean energy that will be cheap. This will be better than the traditional gases and fuels. It will also closely monitor the performances of the federal emergency oil stockpiles and transform the coal energy to make it cleaner and refined.