Obama Polish Tour; Military Relationship Tops Agenda

President Barack Obama has rounded up his European tour with a visit to strong ally Poland. President Obama who was part of the G8 meeting visited some countries in Europe which include Iceland, Britain and to eastern European countries where he visited Poland. Obama wanted to use the tour to the eastern European countries to ensure them of American co-operation in area of defense.

President Obama’s visit to Eastern Europe was part of his campaign to reassure the international community that the issue of Trans Atlantic alliance remains strategic to the defense of America and the world. He also wanted to ensure military cooperation between the former Russian allies.

The president had a talk with the prime minister of Poland. The president after having a discussion with the polish president Bronislaw Komorowski extended the olive branch to Russia. He cleared the air on the issue of missile defense saying that it is strategic to the defense of the country.

The NATO missile defense the president said would explore the possibility of cooperating with Russia. The president had a discussion with the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev at the G8 meeting. The president said that he will maintain the relationships that exist between the two countries. A relationship he has worked very had to improve since 2009.