Obama sanctions on Syrian leaders

The president of the United States of America Barack Obama has placed sanctions on the key political leaders in Syria. Those affected by the sanction include the Syrian leader Assad, his six deputies and some other key government officials for using excessive force against the citizens of that country who are protesting for regime change in the country.

The president announced this just he makes his major policy statements on the revolution that is sweeping the Middle East.

The president has signed the executive order that imposed the sanctions against these selected key leaders of Syria. This was part of the efforts of the US to press pressure on the government of Syria to stop the use of violence to quell the protests in the country.

The US government observed that the Syrian government has used force and harassment and arrest to deal with the protests that is sweeping away the government. The sanctions were later extended to other 10 officials of the Syrian government who are also involved in serious human rights violations in the country.

It will be recalled the US and the other international organization has called on the government not to use excessive force against the people that are protesting against the government.