Obama says fight among Democrats, Republicans to halt economic growth, employment

US President Barack Obama faults the bit fight between the ruling Democrats and opposition. He went on appealing both the parties in the Congress to seek for a peaceful compromise in order to boost job opportunities for Americans.

The debate over debts and deficits has led to a direct negative impact on share market and downgraded the US credit rating. It has triggered at a time when Obama is heading toward connecting to voters for the 2012 presidential elections.

He is all geared up to convince Americans over the key issues and channelize their anger during his trip to Michigan and addressing people on weekly radio and the internet.

He emphasizes that the White House has made all efforts to bring down unemployment and create new job opportunities to grow economy. He assured people in his weekly address on Saturday that there is nothing wrong with the American economy and if there is any problematic issue, that can be solved through cooperative actions.

The president also called on Congress for extending payroll tax cuts and providing work to the unemployed constructions workers for infrastructure projects. He also mentioned that finishing outstanding trade pacts and removing red tapism will encourage entrepreneurs to create more job opportunities for people.