Obama says US immigrations policies yielding positive results

President Obama has said that his border policy is yielding positive results. But the people who are living near the border areas especially the border with Mexico is not sure of what the president is saying. The US border with Mexico has become a militarized zone with heavy security presence in both sides of the border and surveillance equipments as well as thousands of policemen manning the borders.

President Obama believed that his government has proved his adversaries wrong adding that the border security policy is working. The president noted that it was the government policy of border patrol, border fencing and surveillance technology that did the magic about border security. President Obama maintained that since the change in border policy the security agents have sized 31 percent of drugs as well as 75 percent of currency including the seizure of 64 percent of weapons. He said these seizures were never done before and attributed it to the border policy in place.

President Obama attributed the level of success to operational control that is put in place by the government. However not many people believe the government success story some said that the government border policy is not coordinated. He said that the problem of the border had remained the same since the time of President George W Bush.