Pakistani military retook Karachi Naval Station

The Pakistani military has redeemed its image by retaking the naval base it lost to Taliban after fierce battle. The military cut shorts the 18 hours occupation of the naval base after heavy gun battle with the Taliban.

It was surprising that the Taliban forces which were not more than 6 insurgents were able to deal that deadly blow to the Pakistani military including the destruction of their surveillance planes that were donated by Americans. About 12 Pakistani soldiers were killed in the attack. At the end of the counter attack 4 of the insurgents were killed.

The Taliban in Pakistan has already claimed responsibility for the attack. They said that it is part of the program to avenge the death of Osama Bin Laden by the Americans. They said that were under order to fight to death. They said that they embarked on the mission with the aim of not coming out alive saying that they have already embraced martyrdom.

It would be recalled that insurgents that were numbered about 4 to 6 stormed the naval base in the night using ladders to have access to the naval facilities causing enormous damages to some of the military equipment. They took possession of the facilities for about 18 hours before the commandos organized for a counter attack through which they were able to deal with the insurgents.