President Assad fails to check unrest in Syria

There seems to be no end to the crisis in Syria as protest has increased despite the heavy crackdown by the government. The protests in the country have entered the third month and the government could not quell the uprising in the country. The human casualties of the crisis have continued to increase. The number of casualties always increases on Fridays because protesters are normally joined by worshipers after the Friday prayers. Last Friday 12 people were reported to have died, this number is lower than the figures of casualties that are reported on Fridays. However the intensity of the protests is increasing.

It was reported that the Syrian army has carried out an attack on two tribal towns Telbiseh and Rastan. The two towns were close to the town of Homs. The soldiers used tank to shell Rastan. More than 40 people have already lost their lives as a result of the attack. There were several arrests made in that city by the soldiers. The road leading to Alepo the second largest city in Syria was closed also communication was cut off.

The unrest is now spreading to the entire country which means that all the strategies put forward by the government is not working. Instead of abetting the protest it is fuelling it.