President Obama approves arming Libyan rebels against Gaddafi regime

President Obama approves arming Libyan rebels against Gaddafi regime

US president approved a secret document that authorized US operations in Libya to assist anti-government rebels with arms.

The document seeks for different ways to help the anti-Gaddafi protesters in Libya through arms and legal help.Though the presidential findings, which Obama approved, does not directly allows immediately giving arms to the rebels but it does pave the way for it in near future.

There has been an official statement issued from the White House declaring that the presidential findings had no comment over intelligence issues related to Libya.

The statement repeated what Barack Obama stated a day before indicating the possibilities of provision of arms to anti-government rebels in Libya to force Gaddafi step down, however it was yet not implemented as a decision.

The statement further clarified that the United States was looking over all the ways and possibilities to reach help to the opposition rebellions in Libya to avoid more killing of civilians by Gaddafi’s suppressive forces. There is a fierce debate over US decision to provide arms to the untrained rebels to fight Gaddafi supporting army in Libya.

The coalition forces including US troops enforced a no-fly zone over Libya trying to force Muammar Gaddafi to resign from his post, however, the Libyan president vowed to suppress the rebels by every mean. To confuse the international troops’ air strikes in support of rebels, Gaddafi’s forces left their tanks and started using pickup trucks and it was now difficult to differentiate troops from rebellions from air.