President Obama urges Middle East for peace talks

The president of the United States of America Barack Obama has stated that the time is ripe to solve the conflict between Israel and Palestine. He said that is the only road map to a sustainable peace in the Middle East.

The president spoke after a meeting with the Jordan king Abdullah in White House. The president is slated to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday on the way forward in bringing lasting peace between the two countries. This was coming barely a day after the president talked to the American people over his policies in the Mid east as well as the uprising that that are related to pro democracy in some countries in that region.

Obama said that the two parties that are involved have to start serious negotiations on how to establish two independent states that would be living side by side of each other.

Obama also commented on the crisis that sweeping the mid east by pro democracy movements who wants their countries to embrace democracy, he said that dialogue remain the solution adding that the US would be working to provide equitable solutions to the problems that have been engulfing the region in the recent times.