Quattara takes over as Ivorian President

The new president of Ivory Coast Alassame Quattara has finally being inaugurated as the president as the country. The occasion was attended by some prominent personalities include the president of France Mr. Nicholas Sarkozy as well as other prominent leaders in many parts of the world.

Mr. Quattara was inaugurated after about six months or more of his election which foreign observers said was free and fair and credible but was prevented from forming government by the ousted president Gbagbo. Already the president was sworn in about few weeks ago but the present ceremony was only a mere ceremony. The inauguration was done in the capital of the country Yamoussoukro. It was more like a rally in support of the president.

The inauguration was possible because of the ousting of Gbagbo whom the supporters of the new president pushed out of office after a battle that lasted for about five months. The new president in his speech said that Ivory Coast is facing the world with their destiny in their own hands adding that it is the time for the people to celebrate adding that they should all embrace peace.

There is no doubt that there are enormous challenges that are facing the new president, he has already reopened the banks and started paying civil servants.