Rebellions welcome coalition forces’ armed aircraft in Libya

US President’s decision to deploy armed aircraft has been welcomed by the Libyan citizens. They were overwhelmed with US initiative to stop killing of civilians and hoped that NATO-led coalition forces would soon overtake the pro-government security forces.

Barack Obama justified the use of  armed Predator drone aircraft by the coalition forces against Gaddafi supporting Libyan forces to speed up their mission to save rebellions in Libya, stated Robert Gates, the US Defense Secretary.

US delegates visited Libya after sending two predatoaicraft to minimize thi mission citing the bad weather. McCain, top opposition leader and member of Senate Armed Service Committee stated that he had talked with the  the Libyan rebellions’ government– Transitional National Council, in Benghazi. McCain admired the rebellions’ fight against the autocratic ruler Gaddafi and called them as heroes.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Baghdad Adm. Mike Mullen,  aso gave similar views on the condition of Libyan crisis. He stated that the continuous air strike by the US military and coalition forces have compelled the pro-government forces to step back and their strength has reduced.

Mullen told the US military deployed in Baghdad that the US forces would soon defeat Gaddafi’s supporters and he would be thrown out of power very soon. However, Mullen was not sure when exactly this target would be be achieved.