Republican presidential candidates square party members in debate

One of the front runners in the Republican Party presidential election nomination Mitt Romney slugged it out with other presidential hopefuls of the same party in debate that was organized in Iowa Saturday. It was one of the toughest debates by the presumed front runner for Republican party in 2012 presidential poll in United States of America.

He had a very tough time with other candidates in the race Michele Bachman and Tim Pawlenty. The candidates debated on the different grounds they held on the way of turning American economy round. The debate which was televised live for millions of Americans touched on other issues of national life other than the economy. This debate was one of the most combative since the candidates showed their interests for White House.

The debate was conducted on Thursday just few days before another promising candidate for the election Gov Rick Perry announce his interest in the presidential race. It is expected that the entrance of the governor into the race will balance a lot of things in the race. His entry into the race is welcomed by cross section of party supporters.

The debate in Iowa was expected to favour the congress woman Bachman. It was not an easy race for her in Iowa as she had to fight to defend her positions against the other contestants for the race.