Republicans attach each other in House to win voters’ confidence

Governor Rick Perry  is preparing to be launched for presidential campaigns with elaborate training by his party members. He is quite cautious in commenting on any issue and tries his best to defend his image and performance as Texas governor.

To get support from all Republicans, Tea Party members as well as evangelicals Perry is all geared up.

Perry is being given a tough competition byFormer Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts who is also fighting for Republican nomination. Romney’s strategy against Perry is to confront him on immigration,   promises of creating employment in the state and long tenure as governor of Texas.

Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota is showing that the conflict between two Republicans would be quite tough. Her skepticism target Perry over his overspending in Texas to pull Tea Party supporters from his side. The Republicans are also trying to criticize President Obama at the same time, however, fight for nomination has taken more of the limelight and their campaign against Democrats seems to be less fierce.

The debates in the coming few weeks will put the three candidates Mr. Perry, Mr. Romney and Mrs. Bachmann at the same platform. The debates will focus on  fund-raising, strategy of campaign and perceptions of voters in the coming presidential elections in 2012.