Sarah Palin criticizes Alaskan Press as ‘Biased’

The former governor of state of Alaska Sarah Palin has described the local media in her state as unfair and biased. She also praised the energy speech of Barack Obama when he was candidate for presidential election in America. This was shown through the emails she sent during her first two years as the governor of the state.

About 2400 emails from her term which was released showed what her administration did up to September 2008 just before she was selected as the running mate for the then presidential candidate of the Republican Party John McCain.

There are about six boxes of documents which weighed about 300 pounds containing such items as mails about budget, bears as well as oil and gas related issues. There is a mail on the dismissal of the public safety commissioner in the state.

One of the areas she commented was on the issue of Troopergate which she accused the media of being unfair and bias in their reporting. She said that the media reports about the DPS budgets were false. Greater part of the mail showed the former governor with her staff attending to state matters such as schedules, speeches, travels, job applicants and board appointments.

In one of the mails it was disclosed where the former governor was in Washington and was asked to meet one Pete Rouse who was Obama’s chief of staff in senate. The mail read that Pete Rouse was the chief of staff to a guy called Barack Obama.