Sarah Palin Movie Debuts to Empty Theater in Orange County

Come 12.01 today, AMC theaters in some cities were allowed to start showing the documentary of Sarah Palin titled “ The Undefeated”. As the film is being aired in the selected locations the primary actor will be away in California having fun with her parents.

Interestingly the city of California has about 10 theaters where the movie will be aired. This development was revealed by Sarah Palin. She said that she was not keen at watching the movie in the theater adding that she was much interested in finding other things about her grandparents. She said that she was noted during the processes that it is common for people for not to have so much regards for heros in there communities..

According to Palin she arrived at one of the theaters that is located in the city of Orange. She said that she was there at least 45 minutes to the airing of the movie, the time she considered to be a bit far from the actual time the movie would be rolled out. She discovered that the center was filled up with vehicles and it took her about 20 minutes to park her vehicles in the parking spots.