Senate approves nuclear arms treaty with Russia

Washington — The Senate approved the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or New START, signed between USA and Russia, by a 71-26 vote.  For this important security issue even Republicans joined hands and ensured that the treaty was passed.

The treaty will allow each nation to verify nuclear installations of the other country. Each country will have to bring down their number of nuclear warheads to 1550 and nuclear launchers to 700.

President Barack Obama said after the treaty was approved, He further added that it was the most important arms control deal in last two decades. He hoped that the agreement would enhance US leadership to stop growth of nuclear armament and establish peace in the world without them. The agreement clearly shows unity between Republicans and Democrats on the matter of security.” Obama had singed the treaty with Russian President Medvedev in April.

This treaty was hailed by many senior political and had the support of military leaders. The treaty is expected to end the nuclear race between Russia and the USA. It would also prod other countries to regulate their nuclear arsenal plans.

The treaty also had the approval of a majority of Americans. A very recent poll result revealed that 73 percent of people polled approved the treaty and 24 percent rejected the treaty.