Sirens Blare as Flooding Hits North Dakota

Over flooding of Souris River has caused some damages in Minot, ND. The surging river flooded the local levees which were prepared to wage it. Sirens have continued to blare throughout the city as residents were evacuated out of the area. It is expected that about 11,000 residents in the area will make it out of the city before the deadline for the evacuations.

The situation farther south is precarious as the flooding Missouri River is endangering the nuclear power plant that is located in that part of the country. The situation has caused emergency workers to evacuate the residents of the area out of the affected area. The situation in south is worrisome as some of the highways in the area are shut down.

The flooding of the river in Minot has affected lots of houses. It is estimated that about 500 soldiers who belonged to the National Guard are helping in the evacuation exercise. The soldiers are helped by the busy sirens which send the message to the residents that they are no longer safe staying in the homes.

The mayor of the city of Minot Zimbleman had earlier prepared the minds of the city dwellers of the possible flooding of the levees said that the city has been expecting this and warned the residents to leave the areas that are currently affected including the areas that could be affected in the future.