Somalis security kills 2 for threatening to bomb U.S. embassy

It has been confirmed that the two men killed by the security officials in Mogadishu on Saturday were the two men who were wanted for the US embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya. The two suspects Fazul Abdullah Mohammed and one other were killed at a checkpoint in Mogadishu when they tried to resist police search and attempted to open fire on the police.

The death of Mohammed and his colleague was described as a major blow to the al Qaeda. This is another loss to the organization which is yet to come to terms with the death of Osama Bin Laden last month in Pakistan.

Already the Americans are rejoicing over the death of Mohammed but there are still worries whether the dead person was actually Mohammed. Mrs. Clinton seemed to be convinced that the terrorists were the people killed at the checkpoint.

Until his death Mr. Mohammed was the most wanted man in Africa by the American security officials. The Americans have placed a $5m tag on his head.

The Somali security were said to have fired at the vehicle when it refused to stop for security check and the men had to fire back. The firing power of the security overwhelmed them and Mohammed was killed. The US authority knew that it was Mohammed through the DNA that was carried out.