South Korea says ready for unification with North

S Korean President Lee

Unification of South Korea with north may sound good news to the international community but would only irritate North Korea, which is already aggressive against South Korea. It will only take it as a challenge for annexation by the South. Unification Ministry of South Korea stated that it would divert its strategy to initiate diplomatic talks for unification of the Korean Peninsula.

However, this is not likely to receive any friendly gesture from North Korea and its ally China, which may regard the statement as a threatening or preparation to enslave North Korea.

Lee Myung-bak, President of South Korea stressed on resolving the issue of nuclear armament by North through six-party talks as well as preparing for military attack if required.  Recent few weeks have witnessed rising tensions between the two countries that began with aggression from North Korea, its attack on Yeonpyeong Island and following gunfire from both sides. The statement of South Korean ministry showing willingness for unification came in a policy report; however the two countries have always been in war like situation always since their inception.

S Korean President Lee revealed that there was growing willingness among North Koreans for getting reunited with the other part of peninsula and South Korea is ready to step forward. He stated this while on a visit to Malaysia in early December.