South Korean soldier shoots at passenger jet

South Korean soldiers have fired at a passenger plane that was flying from China mistaking it to be a North Korean air liner. This can worsen the tensed relationship between the people living in the peninsula.

The firing of the airline was done by two soldiers who were guarding a post located at Gyodong Island which is about one mile south to the border with North Korea. The plane was approaching the Seoul international airport where it was supposed to land.

The relationship between the two Korean neighbors was at its lowest ebb in the decade when Pyongyang decided to cut all relationships with the government in Seoul. The attacked plane which was said to be a South Korean Asian bound aircraft was fired a total of 99 rounds. The firing was continuous for about ten minutes but the range could not reach the position of the aircraft therefore there was no damage done to the aircraft as a result of the attack.

South Korean officials offered explanation on the incident saying that the soldiers mistook the South Korean Asian passenger plane to North Korean plane. The soldiers reacted that way because they were alerted of a possible action by the north.