South Sudan protesters call on Warrap State to evacuate

Protesters in South Sudan threatened to overthrow the local government of Warrap state and appealed to the international bodies and civilians to vacate the area.

The South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA) asked UN staffs to vacate Warrap state within 3 days after the army attaked Mayom Town. The SSLA stated that people of Warrap state will be free from poverty and corruption after they dismiss the local government.

The army also clarified that they had asked residents of Warrap State to evacuate in order to keep them safe. The United Nations did not take any action, however, and did not remove its volunteers who are engaged in humanitarian works in South Sudan and providing food to people there.

South Sudan became an  independent nation following a peace deal with Khartoum government this year in July. This also ended the many decade-long civil war in united Sudan. Hoever, Northern Sudan is still facing tribal conflicts within its border that has taken thousands of lives so far.

According to officials of South Sudan, the SSLA attacked on Mayom Town killing many civilians and soldiers.

Philip Aguer, spokesperson of South Sudan military criticized the attack by the SSLA because it led to civilian deaths. He stated that Mayom was back under the control of government which the SSLA rejected. The SSLA also claimed to have captured Tomor Town and were now moving toward Bentiu too.