Steve Job’s death makes Apple’s future uncertain

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of AppleInc and former CEO of the company dies on Wednesday fighting with pancreatic cancer for a long time.

Creating numerous seminal electronics products, Jobs gave a new shape and definition to many industries. His company Apple became a$350 billion worth tech empire.

All over world, he was known as the greatest CEO of any company so far who positioned Apple on the top for several decades ahead. Before resigning, Steve Jobs handed the company to its operations chief Tim Cook in August, still Job’s death leaves many questions in front of the gizmo empire


Many experts doubt if Apple can continue the same miracle of success without Jobs. Steve Jobs had always kept every bit of product development process under his scrutinyBe it the iPhone or the Macintosh, the iPod, or the iPad, all show his capability of unique designing.

Investors’ and consumers’ faith in Apple is not affected despite Job’s resignation. While Job was busy in his treatment since January, there was no clear indication who would take the leadership in Apple. Though Cook has taken Job’s responsibilities everyone believes Steve Jobs had no comparison in terms of brilliance. Cook’s first big production launched on Tuesday did not get that warm recognition and investors fear if they are going to lose their money by retaining their association with Apple.