Surprises Springing Up in GOP Nomination

The political equation in the GOP party presidential nomination is taking a new shape with the entrance of Rick Perry the governor of Texas into the race. The political equation started changing when Michele Bachman won the straw poll in Iowa. The two Governor Perry and Bachman are closing in on the front runner in the race so far Mitt Romney.

The contest has now entered a new phase with the contenders Gov Perry and Iowa winner Bachman tackling each other and then challenging the front runner in the poll Mitt Romney. It appears that the duo of Perry and Bachman are working together, this is evidenced by two of them coming together in party dinner in Waterloo Iowa on Sunday. This is changing the phase of the nomination. Both candidates would be favoured by religious and social conservatives who have many influences in the primaries.

A lot of surprises are expected in the presidential election due in 2012. There are much disenchantment in the country as result of the poor shape of the economy and dwindling fortune of America as a world power.

The outcome of the straw polls in Iowa has forced Pawlenty out of the race and brightened the position for Bachman as the delegate from the place will queue behind her in the race.