Syrian military attacks cartoonist Ali Ferzat

Ferzat, a political cartoonist of was beaten by the Syrian military for being critical of Assad’s regime.

He was found bleeding at Damascus roadside.

At present,Ali Ferzat is lying in a hospital bed in Damascus following an attack on him by few masked armed soldiers. They left him on the side of a road bleeding heavily.

Ali Ferzat, 60,  is renowned cartoonist of Arab world, popular for vivid drawings to show freedom of expression. He is considered a revolutionary cartoonist. The attack haveee occurred following a dialogue between Iranian diplomat, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Syrrriaaan President Assad for peaceful resolution to ongoing protests in the country.

Ferzat has been working for an art gallery in central Damascus. He has openly criticized the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats of Syria as well as other Arab nations. He was also threatened of death from ex-Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. Ferzat has recently started making drawings showing the uprisings of the Arab world.

In reaction to his criticism, the cartoonist was captured by the Assad-supporting military forces, and taken into a van. The soldiers broke his hands and said that it was just a warning to stop him from raising voice against the President Assad.