Syrian military increases attck on opposition

The Syrian government has identified its attack against the protesters who are demanding for the regime change in the country. The military is reported to have used heavy weapons such as tank to shell the third largest city in the country causing a huge migration among the population as well as the associated human crisis. The attack was reported as one of the fiercest since the protest started in the country.

It is reported the major targets of the military attack is the town that is known as Homs which is located very close to Lebanon. The rampaging soldiers have earlier subdued the protest in Daraa as well as in Baniyas which is near the Mediterranean coast.

It was reported that the soldiers attacked the city with dozens of armored tanks. The tanks were manned by the army supported by the militiamen. There were about 1.5 million people that are residing in that city. It was reported that about 19 people have already been killed by the soldiers. Homs is a commercial and industrial center and that explains the large number of people that are living in that city. Already hundreds of thousands of people are migrating out the city. Hundreds of thousands others are besieged.