Syrian military raid kills two children, 40 people in Homs

At least 42 people two of whom were children were killed Wednesday when the Syrian military raided city of Homs as part of the campaign by President Assad to quell the three months uprising in his country demanding he steps down from power.

The latest casualty list was released by human rights group in the country.
The government used tanks against the civilian population living in the city of Talbiseh, Al-Rastan and Teir maalar where there was heavy demonstration against the government last weekend. So far the casualties in those towns invaded by the military last weekend is not yet known but there is a report that the government has arrested large number of people around the neighborhood where the civil unrest took place.

Soldiers have invaded the town of Homs and there is heavy fighting going on in the city. In the town of Hajar al-Khateeb at least 10 people were killed when the army opened fire on school bus that was carrying school children from the town of Hajar al- Rastan to Homs. Also 4 people were killed when Syrian soldiers invaded a home in Al-Rastan.

The Syrian state owned television reported that about three soldiers have so far lost their lives in the operation. The figure could be much more than that.