Syrian security forces kill 20 anti-government protesters

Entire Syria is in chaos and bloody turmoil. Hundreds of demonstrators have been injured and many of them were killed during clashes with security forces on Friday. The pro-government forces shot bullets and used tear gas to scatter people.

The mass protests against the autocratic ruler–  President Bashar al-Assad has turned into fierce struggle now in all parts of Syria and the government is adopting every mean to crush and suppress the rebellions.

Though Syrian government announced many concessions to the rebellions including lifting state of emergency, the protests continued demanding more political freedom. The demonstrators are insistent on their demand for ouster of the Ba’ath party government. Damascus and many other cities witnessed escalating violence and security forces opened guns to control the protesters.

According to some reliable sources, around 25 protesters lost their lives in Friday clashes with the pro-government forces out of which six were from Izraa and rest from Damascus and other cities.This can be considered as the bloodiest day of Syrian crisis from the day demonstrations against President Assad began.

In last few weeks of unrest in Syria, more than 220 people have died so far. Despite this, the protests are intensifying day-by-day and spreading fast in all parts of Syria. The Syrian protests are considered an impact of the recent upsurge in different countries in the Middle East and other nations against autocratic rulers.