Syrians flee into Turkey to evade crackdown

It is reported that well of 1,500 Syrian citizens have fled their country to neighboring Turkey to run away from anticipated government crackdown. This is a sign that president Assad is using heavy force against the growing opposition that is working to overthrow his regime.

So far the efforts of the Syrian opposition to crush their autocratic regime as the other Arab states are doing is leading to crackdown and death of Syrians.

So far the western world and international community have not done more than ordinary condemnation of the crackdown. Recently the British government had asked the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution against the highhandedness of Assad.

Syrian resident near the border are crossing over to avert the attack by the military. It is reported that about 40 tanks and soldiers had moved near the town of Jisr al- Shughour. This is the area where it is reported that an armed group had killed about 120 security officers. There are about 50,000 Syrians living along that border.

There is a report of infighting among the Syrian security officers. It is reported that soldiers opened fire on those soldiers that refused to open fire on civilians.

Meanwhile demonstrations are still going on in the country. Women and children have joined the demonstration urging for a regime change in the country.