Tension at Kenyan border following murder of British tourist by Somalians

The murder of a British tourist has put borders between Kenya and Somalia in hot conflict.

Somalian terrorism and piracy have always been concerns for almost all neighboring nations and their allies.

Somalian pirates kidnap many Kenyans and failure of paying ransom by their relatives many times lead to murder of the victims.  The horrifying deaths of dozens of Kenyans in Nairobi pipeline fire has already made people afraid.

According to Kenyanpolice commissioner, British tourist Mathew Iteere, had come here for a weekend tour with wife but he was killed and his wife was abducted by the Somalians.

Kenyans already suspected abducting the British tourist’s wife and his murder was not a simple incident rather would bring diplomatic crisis too.

The incident occured at Kiunga situated in Lamu County near Somalian border in the coastal belt.

The motive of the suspects made this minor incident a biggier diplomatic issue as it occurred on the eve of anniversary of 9/11 attacks. Therefore, it has been taken as a terrorist attack symbolizing the fact that the attackers can ditch any security despite the efforts of Kenyan authorities.