Three West Memphis to be released for plea deal

The three men who were convicted of killing three 8 year old scouts in Arkansas could be freed when the case comes up on Friday as the three have plea deal. This could end the two decades they have been in prison over the killing.

This position was disclosed by one of the victim’s relatives. He said that the three Damien Echolas, Jason Baldwin as well as Jessie Misskelley could regain their freedom if they use the chance that would be offered to them to change the pleas they entered in 1983 when they committed the crime in West Memphis.

It would be recalled that after the trial the jury returned a death verdict for Echolas while the other two Missekelley and Baldwin were sentenced for life for their different roles in the killings. During the investigations one of the accused Misskelley has confessed for the crime but during trial however his lawyer has to make a shift in position claiming the police that investigated the crime took advantage of his low IQ.

The case staggered up to supreme court where the court ordered that trial be done again because of the statement by the defense lawyers that new DNA tests had exonerated the three for the offense. The new trial could end to their regaining their freedom.