Turkey flays Syrian President for appointing brother in military

The Syrian president Bashar Assad is using the vast security apparatus of the military to deal with the popular uprising against his government. He said to heavily rely on the army division that is commanded by his brother Maher Assad to quell the uprising against him.

This development is not going well with some neighboring countries especially turkey. The Turkey government is reported to have sent powerful envoy to Syria with a letter to the Syrian President Assad asking him to remove his brother Maher Assad from the fourth division commander and presidential guards.

The aim of Turkey according to report is to make it known to President Assad that even if the people of Syria will accept his reforms that they will not accept the activities of his brother Maher Assad. The president is relying on the heavy military assault against the civilians by soldiers that are commanded by his brother to hold to power. It is reported that more than 1000 anti government protesters have died in Syria as a result of the activities of the soldiers.

The letter from Turkey to President Assad contained series of reforms which it would want Syria to implement. Among the requests is that the Syrian people should have the freedom to protest, to express themselves and the immediate ban on the restriction for the formation of political parties.