U.S. Economy Slow Down over Europe Debts

The US economy seemed to be slowed down by the increasing debt burden in Europe. This is reflected in the performance of the US stocks which has its worst outing in a month. This is as a result of the deadlocked US budget talk with countries in Europe.

It is not only in America that the problem of debt as affected the economy, even in the Asian continent the central bank of countries in Asia are worried over the same problem. There seemed to be another threat to the global economy. The threat is the euro debts which may spread to other parts of the world.

The situation has made some central bank executives to review some of their monetary policies. In Japan the central bank is holding on some of the key financial decisions to make for economic growth and change.

Some countries in Asia performed well such as Indonesia where JKSE performed well; it is regarded as the best stock performer in Europe for the year. The performance is about 8 percent. This development has led the country to reconsider some of its economic policies and may keep it so for a month. The annual rate of inflation in the country has reduced for the year.