U.S. govt. invites Libyan rebel council

There was a morale boost for the Libyan rebels fighting to oust the government of Col Moamar Gadhafi on Tuesday when a US special envoy announced that the rebel council has been invited to open an office in the United States of America. This is a clear indication that the government of the United States is recognizing the rebel council as the legitimate government in Libya.

This development came just hours after NATO launched the heaviest offensive against Gadhafi with explosions rocking many areas of Tripoli especially the stronghold of Col Gadhafi. NATO had announced that one of the attacks was targeted at a storage vehicle within the compound and the target was caught.

This development has been confirmed by the government which announced that NATO had targeted the military reserve in the country and that about three people or more had been killed on the attack and that several people were wounded. The spokesman said that  Col Gadhafi is still alive. Journalists were taken round a hospital where the government showed people they said were injured during the attack. The people shown were in their 20s and 30s and they appear in civilian uniform.

The action of the US government is a further move to isolate Gadhafi from the rest of the international community. It has clearly indicated that the US government is comfortable working with the rebels.