Americans cheer with added 103,000 Jobs

The United States reduces unemployment to cheer its citizens by reaching 103,000 jobs in September.

Despite the dark predictions about further negative impacts of recession on American economy, Obama administration can boast to defy all by this added employment. However, the addition in jobs has not changed the current unemployment rate, which remains on its August level– 9.1 percent.

The US economy is going through severe financial crisis since 2008 following the fall of two major US banks Lehman Brothers and Merill Lynch.

Meanwhile President Obama is trying hard to pass the jobs bill. According to the Labor Department, the Democrat’s are likely to face tough time with expectations to improve US economy in the midst of aggravating recession.

The country has gained 55,000 new jobs altogather in September. Following this the Labor Department has revised its statistics of zero job growth to a gain of 57,000 jobs since August.

Addressing a conference, President Obama called on Congress to cooperate in improving national economy and prevent job losses. He also urged diplomats to not bring politics in the way of job bill for national interests.

Bachmann adheres to fight for campaign

U.S. Michele Bachmann, Republican candidate for U.S. presidential elections Gears up to deal with his rival contestant Rick Perry and pick every issue that goes against the Texas governor.

Perry’s stormy strategy to warl poll campaign has suddenly put him ahead of everybody else in the race according to opinion polls conducted so far. Bachman and other candidates are left far behind in comparison to Perry.

Bachmann was the first to be replaced by Perry in the new competition for nomination. Due to her strong performance and publicity, she became a media star overnight in the June debate and her severe criticism of President Obama.

However, Bachmann,Minnesota congresswoman is not trying not to leave any stone unturned to compete with Perry. Bachmann’s spokesperson, Alice Stewart stated that their strategy was to target the presidential polls and win caucuses as well as primaries. She futher revealed that Bachmann focused on winning the Iowa straw elections

And now her next objective is to win Iowa Caucus.

Her rival Romney is trying to have an edge over other candidates by conveying business oriented message to Republicans.

The two are liked by all associated with the Tea Party movement as well as social conservatives. This is also an indication of Bachmann and Parry’s new role in giving competition to Obama in the next year presidential race.

Sarah Palin criticizes Alaskan Press as ‘Biased’

The former governor of state of Alaska Sarah Palin has described the local media in her state as unfair and biased. She also praised the energy speech of Barack Obama when he was candidate for presidential election in America. This was shown through the emails she sent during her first two years as the governor of the state.

About 2400 emails from her term which was released showed what her administration did up to September 2008 just before she was selected as the running mate for the then presidential candidate of the Republican Party John McCain.

There are about six boxes of documents which weighed about 300 pounds containing such items as mails about budget, bears as well as oil and gas related issues. There is a mail on the dismissal of the public safety commissioner in the state.

One of the areas she commented was on the issue of Troopergate which she accused the media of being unfair and bias in their reporting. She said that the media reports about the DPS budgets were false. Greater part of the mail showed the former governor with her staff attending to state matters such as schedules, speeches, travels, job applicants and board appointments.

In one of the mails it was disclosed where the former governor was in Washington and was asked to meet one Pete Rouse who was Obama’s chief of staff in senate. The mail read that Pete Rouse was the chief of staff to a guy called Barack Obama.

Obama releases certificate to rule out birth controversies

The US President Barrack Obama finally comes forward to rule out all controversies about his birthplace. Right from the presidential campaign there have been allegations made by the opposition doubting and questioning about Obama being a rightful candidate for the presidential post.

The White House has released a formal long form version of birth certificate showing that President Obama was born in Honolulu. Obama expressed his bewilderment over the queries over his birthplace. During campaigns, he had repeatedly tried to calm the voters assuring that he was a rightful candidate for the presidential post and was a legitimate native of the United States. He stated that the rivals spread the rumor in order to pull some extra votes.

Talking about the economic slump, which the United States is still struggling with, Obama stated that there were more serious matters to be thought over and no one had time to discuss such things.

According to a recent poll conducted by the CBS/New York Times, one fourth of the American population was still found under conservative influence doubted Obama’s constitutional legitimacy to be the president of the country and think that he was born outside.

This made Obama rethink over his stand on the issue. Admitting that the rumor was not doing any good to the country, he clarified the matter by releasing an official birth certificate, stated White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer on its website.

Embattling Obama takes resort to new tax plan, jobs

Obama announcing tax relief plan

President Obama’s last year predictions about economic revival have proved wrong.  Extending the tax cuts, the US president has tried to compensate for the mistakes, the democrats did last time. This is also a step to appease the Republicans in exchange of approval for unemployment benefits, reduction in payroll and other taxes.

The White House has taken a complete ‘U’ turn in its policies. The Health care Bill and financial laws have lost their glories after the hollow noise of economic recovery and the US administration has tuned back to realistic goals now.

However, all the Democrats have not welcomed these moves very warmly. Seeing positive forecasts for economic growth and jobs, the Democrats have no option but to accept the transformation of economic policies.

The midterm poll victory for Republicans gave a clear message to the Obama administration about people’s disappointment with the government. Had Obama changed his strategies on economy before the elections, the result would have been less negative for the Democrats. Even the recent changes are not expected to bring much change in the current unemployment level very soon.

What American expected from President Obama was much more than what has been delivered.  Cutting employee’s portion in tax has not done much advantage to employees.

The new extension to the tax cuts will definitely help economy but would not benefit the Democrats politically.

Emergency Jobless Benefits Extended

The United States government decided to extend the emergency jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed for another six months.
On Thursday President Obama signed a six-month extension, restoring aid to almost 3 million citizens whose payment have been cut off since the emergency unemployment benefits program expired in early June. Barely three hours after the House approved the $34 billion measure President Obama approved the extension.
Small businesses are the engine of job growth, and measures to cut their taxes and make lending available should not be held hostage to partisan tactics like those that unconscionably held up unemployment insurance,” President Obama said.

Jon Voight Letter

Jon VoightActor Jon Voight accused President Obama of lying to Jewish people. The legendary actor, father of actress Angelina Jolie said, “You will be the first American president that lied to the Jewish people.”
In an open letter published on Washington times, Jon Voight said President Obama failed to defend Israel, the only Democratic state in the Middle East, against all their enemies.

There will be many who support the actor’s view. But the international media consider this as a baseless allegation especially since the Human Rights activists have continuously accused Israel for committing war crimes repeatedly despite international condemnation.
What the Jon Voight probably failed understand is that, it is only because he is an American he can attack the most powerful man on earth. Had he been a citizen of Israel or an Asian country and attacked the President of the country, the reaction would have been different. The American’s enjoy great freedom. But taking it too far may not be the right thing to do.

But the underdogs you defend are murderers and criminals who want Israel eradicated. You have brought to Arizona a civil war, once again defending the criminals and illegals…
– Jon Voight Letter

Do you think Jon Voight’s letter saying that Obama is raping the nation is going too far?