Sarah Palin criticizes Alaskan Press as ‘Biased’

The former governor of state of Alaska Sarah Palin has described the local media in her state as unfair and biased. She also praised the energy speech of Barack Obama when he was candidate for presidential election in America. This was shown through the emails she sent during her first two years as the governor of the state.

About 2400 emails from her term which was released showed what her administration did up to September 2008 just before she was selected as the running mate for the then presidential candidate of the Republican Party John McCain.

There are about six boxes of documents which weighed about 300 pounds containing such items as mails about budget, bears as well as oil and gas related issues. There is a mail on the dismissal of the public safety commissioner in the state.

One of the areas she commented was on the issue of Troopergate which she accused the media of being unfair and bias in their reporting. She said that the media reports about the DPS budgets were false. Greater part of the mail showed the former governor with her staff attending to state matters such as schedules, speeches, travels, job applicants and board appointments.

In one of the mails it was disclosed where the former governor was in Washington and was asked to meet one Pete Rouse who was Obama’s chief of staff in senate. The mail read that Pete Rouse was the chief of staff to a guy called Barack Obama.

Republican Sarah Palin invites fresh controversy citing ‘Blood libel”

Sarah Palin Ex-Alaska governor ignites controversy again by denying responsibility of Tucson shooting rampage on Saturday.

The mass shooting caused death of six people and left many injured  along Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat from Arizona. Palin’s message on social network Facebook has been put as to defend actions that caused Tucson shootings.  In order to defend herself, she has created another center of debate.

Palin uses a very controversial term –“blood libel” while trying to defend her provocative actions. “Blood libel” is however representative of anti-Semitic slander – that was a false accusation against Jews. This was used to provoke Christians against Jews.

Giffords, who has been severely injured in the Saturday incident called Palin’s statement as an invitation to violence.

“Palin’s defensive statement on Facebook appears with a video to reveal the entire incident and demonstrate a U-turn from her previous stand. However, religious fundamentalists may quote the Blood libel in other perspective and provoke common mass toward further violence.

Sarah Palin has been considered as most effective leader among Republicans but losing focus within the party recently due to other emerging prominent leaders. She is also rethinking on her decision to contest for 2012 presidential polls.

Alaskan Senate race ends with Republican leader’s changed strategy

Ms. Murkowski

Republican candidate, Joe Miller fighting a legal battle for Alaska seat in the House has just taken a U-turn now. He stated that he was no longer interested in preventing certification of the Senate race however; he did not greet his rival candidate Senator Lisa Murkowski who will be declared successful now.

Ms. Murkowski is ahead in the race for a seat in US Senate by 10000 votes according to exit poll results. She would begin her term from January 5. A complain by Joe Miller, a Republican candidate, over charges of fault in vote counting methods had obliged the electoral officials to issue a stay order on her certification.

There were repeated concerns raised by Alaskan authorities and Ms Murkowski over Mr. Miller’s allegations that left no option for the state except representing itself with a single candidate in the next session of the Congress in January.

However, Ralph R. Beistline, judge of the Federal District Court clarified that Ms Murkowski   could get her certification despite the challenge made by Joe Miller. The same judge had ordered stay on the particular Senate seat.

Though Joe Miller stated that he was no longer interested in opposing the cancellation of stay order, his claims continued repeating the allegation over inconsistency in state’s vote counting.

Alaska Supreme Court to decide over senate seat dispute

Lisa Murkowski, Joe Miller,

Anchorage:  The dispute over a seat in the US Senate for Alaska has yet not been solved and finally reached to Supreme Curt. Joe Miller a Republican contestant appealed to the Supreme Court against a lower court’s judgment declaring his political rival Senator Lisa Murkowski as victorious.

Senator Lisa Murkowski had started a campaign against Joe Miller following his defeat in the Republican primary polls. Mr. Miller has appealed against Alaskan court’s decision to overrule his challenge to counting of write –in ballots for Ms. Murkowski.

The appealer Miller wants the Supreme Court to nullify poll results and ensure for fair counting of ballots.

Miller’s lawyer Michael Morley, stated that the state court has misinterpreted law in justifying Ms Murkowski’s victory on the basis of write-in ballots.

The state, court however, allowed for ballots that had many misspellings and favored to Ms. Murkowski’s tally To declarer her a winner.

Scott Kendall, Ms. Murkowski’s lawyer said that Mr. Miller’s legal challenge was based on false grounds. Judge Daniel E. Winfree, faulted Ms Murkowski’s lawyer for calling the case false and supported Miller’s appeal for justice. The justice also clarified that there was no reevaluation of challenged ballots to favor Mr. Miller.

Alaska’ state assistant attorney general, Joanne Grace, justified Mr. Miller’s appeal and stressed that the court should not infer that the will of the Legislature in making the law was to disenfranchise voters.