Reps Cautioned Obama on Job Situation

Congress woman on the platform of Democrat party has criticized President Obama on job situation in the country. The law maker advised the president to go down to the state and local levels to see the pains and sufferings the people are going through as a result of job situation in the country.

The congress woman was speaking when she observed thousands of job seekers line up in the heat at job fair that was organized at a technical college in Atlanta. It was the congressional black caucus that planned the job fair.

Speaking on the unemployment situation in the country Democrat Rep Maxine Walters of California said he was stunned by number of people that attended the job fair. He said that he was expecting about five hundred people to the fair but it turned out that thousand of job seekers graced the occasion.

The congresswoman told reporters that black voters have given her the permission to criticize president Barak Obama administration’s policy on job creation. She said that she is not just criticizing the president but that she tries to engage more people to help the president to have a clear understanding of the pain people are going through as a result of job situation in the country.

Employment rate improves in US

Job situation in America has improved last month in majority of the states in America. This was revealed by the Department of Labour which disclosed that in more than three quarters of the states of the country the employment situation has improved last month.

The statement said that there is improvement in employment situation from March adding that about 34 states of the country reported of improvement in job positions. This report was released by Labour department on Friday.

Generally there is an improvement in employment generation throughout the country. Private sector also gave positive report of job increase with about 250,000 added every month. The current rate of employment generation in the country is the highest ever recorded in the last five years.

The level of unemployment started dropping in the country since last November. Some of the states that had recorded drop in the unemployment include the state of New York. The unemployment has dropped while 45,700 jobs were created. The state of New York is the highest in the level of job creation it is followed by Texas which has created 32,900 jobs and the third is Pennsylvanian which has created 23,700 jobs. However Michigan has the largest decline in job with 10,200 jobs.

Emergency Jobless Benefits Extended

The United States government decided to extend the emergency jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed for another six months.
On Thursday President Obama signed a six-month extension, restoring aid to almost 3 million citizens whose payment have been cut off since the emergency unemployment benefits program expired in early June. Barely three hours after the House approved the $34 billion measure President Obama approved the extension.
Small businesses are the engine of job growth, and measures to cut their taxes and make lending available should not be held hostage to partisan tactics like those that unconscionably held up unemployment insurance,” President Obama said.