Rick Perry fights to win voters’ confidence

Rick Perry is trying hard to strengthen his position in the electoral race for presidential polls in 2012. Despite all his efforts, though, it seems Iowa is losing faith in Perry.

Brian Kennedy, Scott County finance chairman was found advocating President Obama and calling on people to endorse him. Obama visited Scott county twice this year campaigning for the elections.

Kennedy further stated that Scott County has become a battleground for all political rivals.Seeing a Romney leader focusing on the president, Perry can better realize that there is a need to go for Republican primary process before he could prove himself better that Obama. Already, anti0-Romney voters have split opinions about six different candidates. Thus, for Perry, it will be difficult to come even among the top ten candidates.

The Polls are scheduled in Hawkey State on Jan 3, which will further decide the future strategy of Perry for presidential polls. Before Perry could start his speech, Mike Batcher, another Iowan contesting for Congress, mocked him for his inability to remember thierd federal agency he referred.

However, Perry still tried to retain his calm and continued persuading voters to choose him. He stated, “The test of any American is not whether or not we get knocked down. We’re all going to do that. Every one of us has. But it’s whether we get up.”  He also hoped that Americans will define people by their values.

Republic candidates Presidential Debate: Economy the Main issue

The chances of the presidential candidates in Republican platform are hinged on the debate in Iowa. It is expected that the straw votes that are expected in Iowa will make or mare the chances of any candidate and that is why each of the candidates is bidding to ensure that there is no error or his or her side.

It appears that what will determine who carries the day in the debate is the issue of the economy. The candidates are expected to show case how they would better the American economy. The candidates are also expected to make there last exploits before Gov Rick Perry joins the race. Perry has economic advantage on his side having turned the economy of the state of Texas round. It is expected that the candidate who exploits the issue of the economy will have a lead in the debate.

One thing that would be clear in the debate is that all the candidates are going to be united in launching barrage of criticism against President Obama plan on the economy.

The debate was seen as an opportunity for two of the leading contenders Mitt Romney and Huntsman to show case the advantages they have as successful business people and successful public officers.