British Air force to use Bunker Busting Bombs against Gaddafi

The Royal Air Force is to use bunker busting bombs against Moamar Gadhafi in Libya. The 2,000 lb bomb is to destroy Gadhafi command centers. The bomb which is about 14ft long has the capability of punching through reinforced concrete. It is expected to be deployed within days by the Royal air force which is part of the NATO military campaign against the government of Col. Moamar Gadhafi in Libya.

The bombs were used during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The arrival of the bomb will strengthen the ability of NATO to ground the operations of Gadhafi forces. It will target military installations in the country and will reduce civilian casualties.

It will be recalled that the prime minister of Britain David Cameron has said that the British government will send apache helicopters to destroy key installations under the command of Col Gadhafi. Last Friday the RAF and other jets destroyed guard towers located at the Bab Al- Aziziyah complex of Col Gadhafi. It was reported that Gadhafi is hiding in different hospitals in Tripoli to escape being killed by the NATO bombs.

Meanwhile Russia a strong ally of Col Gadhafi has called on him to step down and safe the country further destruction.

U.S. govt. invites Libyan rebel council

There was a morale boost for the Libyan rebels fighting to oust the government of Col Moamar Gadhafi on Tuesday when a US special envoy announced that the rebel council has been invited to open an office in the United States of America. This is a clear indication that the government of the United States is recognizing the rebel council as the legitimate government in Libya.

This development came just hours after NATO launched the heaviest offensive against Gadhafi with explosions rocking many areas of Tripoli especially the stronghold of Col Gadhafi. NATO had announced that one of the attacks was targeted at a storage vehicle within the compound and the target was caught.

This development has been confirmed by the government which announced that NATO had targeted the military reserve in the country and that about three people or more had been killed on the attack and that several people were wounded. The spokesman said that  Col Gadhafi is still alive. Journalists were taken round a hospital where the government showed people they said were injured during the attack. The people shown were in their 20s and 30s and they appear in civilian uniform.

The action of the US government is a further move to isolate Gadhafi from the rest of the international community. It has clearly indicated that the US government is comfortable working with the rebels.

Gadhafi Soldiers accused of raping Libyan girl in Misrata

Soldiers’ royal to Libyan leader Moamar Gadhafi were reported to have raped Misrata girls. This was revealed by two of the soldiers who were detained in the city. The two soldiers confirmed they were involved in the rape.

They confessed that they participated in the rape of four women in Misrata. The two soldiers were captured by the rebels in a battle with the Gadhafi forces two weeks ago. The soldiers confirmed that at least twenty officers of the army raped group of girls.

Getting the interview from the soldiers was not easy as the officials in the city were reluctant in allowing press men interview the soldiers over the rape issue but they later agreed after they reached agreement that the identity of the soldiers would not be revealed.

It appears that the reported rape that was carried out by pro Gadhafi forces was systematic attempt by the soldiers to humiliate the people of Misrata. However it could not be confirmed whether the soldiers were coerced into saying what they said. It is possible that they may not be saying the truth. There was widespread allegation that soldier’s royal to Col Moamar Gadhafi committed heinous crimes against the people of Misrata and worst among the crimes that were committed include rapping of girls.

Libya Accuses NATO of instigating humanitarian crisis

The Libyan government has accused NATO of causing huge humanitarian crisis in the country. It said that NATO had carried out different attacks in three ports in the country. The government said that this action would result in mass migration which would cause humanitarian crises in the country.

It would be recalled that NATO forces had targeted warships that are within the ports and destroyed them. These ports where the warships were destroyed were in Tripoli. The NATO said that the attack was good because Gadhafi is using it to deploy mines using the naval ships. The spokesman said that the attack was in order to stop Gadhafi from using the naval might against the people.

The Libyan government accused NATO of violating the UN resolution which prohibits the use of dangerous weapons against the civilian population. However the NATO spokesman said that it is not true that they used dangerous weapons adding that there was no repot of any loss of live.

He stated the attack was justified. He said that Gadhafi is using dangerous weapons against the civilian population. He said that he has been laying mines which eventually end up killing some people especially in Mirada and some other parts of the country.

Libyan western mountain turns into battle ground

Libyan army has launched an attack against rebel positions in the western mountains. This attack that was coming from the forces loyal to Gadhafi was biggest since the conflict started. The report of the latest attack was revealed by one of the former Libyan army general. He is now a commander with the rebel forces.

He said that the attack by the Libyan army started on Thursday. He said that the attack was started when about 150 soldiers loyal to the Libyan leader attacked the rebel positions in the Zintan; he said that the soldiers were supported by more than 40 vehicles and heavy military equipment.

Zintan is located in the western part of Libya and the rebels are in control of that territory. It is about 90 miles away from the capital Tripoli. The population of the town is about 40, 000 people.

The former general Hajj Usama had served the army for decades and he served in Chad. He said that he decided to leave the government side because he now despises Col Gadhafi whom he described as a terrorist. The rebel army commander disclosed that Gadhafi has never used the infantry in the manner he is using them now saying that the soldiers have displaced the civilian population in that territory.

Tunisia Warns Libya following rocket attacks

Tunisian government official has warned that the country could report Libya to the United Nations Security Council if Libya is to throw rockets at their borders again. Tunisia said that Libya has been launching rockets at the border. Tunisia said that some of the rockets fired at the border were entering to its territory warning the diplomatic actions would be taken against Libya if such is to happen again.

The defection of the Libyan oil minister to the side of the rebels that have been battling to topple Col Gadhafi has put the Libyan leader under serious pressure. Few days ago it was reported that about four Russian made rockets were fired inside Tunisia and the security in Tunisia has no problem in determining the shots were fired from Libya. This attack against the Tunisian has made the Libyan forces to retreat a bit from the border after heavy battle with the rebels along that border.

Tunisia has announced that the veteran minister of oil has left Tripoli and is in the country Tunisia signaling that the minister has called it a quit with the government of Gadhafi who is locked in a battle with some rebel groups in the country who are fighting to force him out of power.

Libyan rebels move to form government

The crisis in libya is taken a new dimension with the rebels who for months have been waging a war to remove Moamar Gadhaffi from power have decided to form a government that is a parallel government in the country.

The leaders of the rebel group were locked in a two day meeting with the regional heads on the way forward to the formation of the national government. The theme of the meeting centered around the modalities for the formation of the parlaimentary seats and modes of the representation. The executive arm of the government was equally discussed.

The move was also part of the effort to see that the country has a direction in post Gadhaffi era. It was seen as a move to woo the attention of the international community to make them consider the release of Libyan money that has been sized by the international community since the crises started.

It is not yet clear whether the efforts to form a parallel government in the country would make the international community to release the Libyan assets that were frozen by the international community. The meeting between the rebels leader and the regional leaders was held in Benghazi. The rebels have been battling to topple Gadhaffi for months now.

ICC warrants not to stop NATO strikes in Libya

The coast is becoming clearer for the arrest of Libyan leader Col Moamar Gadhafi with his possibility of being his name being added to the wanted least of the International Criminal Court.

There is the likelihood that the court could yield to the demand that warrant of arrests could be issued for him and some of his family members. If that is done it can change the role of NATO in the crisis. NATO has so far restricted its operations to the targeting of military installations inside Tripoli. If the warrant is issued then NATO may decide to target Gadhafi personally.

ICC prosecutor is seeking for warrant of arrest against Gadhafi his son and the chief of security intelligence in that country for what they he described as crime against humanity against the people of Libya committed by the three men. Issuing the attack will arm NATO with the authority they have been looking for to commence infrastuructural targets in that country.

The warrant when issued would definitely not make great impact among the citizens of Tripoli but it will change the face of the war especially as regards to NATO attacks because Gadhafi could become the direct targets. The warrant of arrests would further isolate Gadhafi from the rest of the world.

Gaddafi challenges NATO to find out hiding

The Libyan leader Col Moamar Gadhaffi has said that he would outlive the NATO bombardment of the captial Tripoli. He said this admist the report that he was injured by such NATO attack. The report of his attack was denied by the government. Gadhaffi boasted that he is in place where the NATO bomb can never reach him.

The Colonel was reacting to a statement that was credited to the prime minister of Italy that Gadhaffi is probably wounded in one of the raids or that he is hiding in one of the bunkers in his compound. The day before the italian minister spoke to the press one of the raids was reported to have hit a place that is believed to be a bunker where Gadhaffi was hiding.

Both the italian minister and the US could not confirm that Gadhaffi was hit in one of the NATO attacks. The NATO was carrying out a resolution that was carried out by the UN against Libya for using brute force against the opposition in the country which were demanding for a regime change. Since the operation began NATO has been in the battle for about two months now and the rebels are far from taking the upper hand in the battle but NATO has made rearkable success in dislodging Gadhaffi from some of the earliers it has reclaimed from the rebels.

Libyan rebels: Misrata not under our control

There is a conflicting report over which group is having the control of Libyan city of Misrata which has been besieged for sometimes now. The rebels and the representatives of the Transitional National Council are offering conflicting information as regards the status of Misrata.

The spokesman for the TNC said on Thursday that the town had been liberated from the government control but this was countered by the rebel which said that the government is still having the control of the eastern gate of the town.

However it does appear that the rebels and the goverenment are sharing the control of the city with the government control some portions while some parts is under the control of the government of Moamar Gadhaffi.

As the war in Libya intensifies it was reported that not less than 4 people were killed in the country’s capital Tripoli by bomb that was directed at the compound of Moamar Gadhaffi. Libyan government officials took some journalists to the scene of the attack which was smoking with fire. The government official also reported that about 27 civilians who were affected by the attack were receiving treatment in a hospital somewhere in the town. The building was the one that was attacked by NATO last month.