Tunisians opt for fair polls first time

Following the new wave of freedom and fight for democracy which is ravaging the entire Middle East, Tunisians too are busy in their own race toward fair polls.

Voters across entire Tunisia waited desparately in long lines to select their representatives in the hope to establish true democracy in the country for which they have been struggling throughout.

THorugh their posts on Facebook and other social media, the youth of Tunisia has been voicing their demand to elect a new government after fair polls and rewrite their distorted constitution. Voters – The country has a 217-seat assembly.

Political experts and diplomats are predicting that Ennahda, a party that supports moderate Islamic movements, may come on the top in these elections which may bring religious implications in Tunisia, which is otherwise considered almost a secular nation so far.

Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, who had been ruling Tunisia for last 23 years as a president, was thrown on Jan 14 after an uprising by people of the country. Tunisians were too fade up to bear his long autocratic and corrupt rule which gave them nothing but poverty, unemployment and suppression.

The elections have come up with extremely high turnouts showing the enthusiasm of Tunisians for electing a truly democratic government of their own choice. So far, there have been no conflict or violence during the poll. Tunisia was never expected to explode like this with the waves of revolution due to its usal peace-loving people.

Among the Mediterranean countries, Tunisia is favored by European tourists due to its beautiful sandy beaches and deserts. However, the recent uprising in Tunisia initiated a series of rebels in the entire Middle East that is known as Arab Spring across the world.

G8 leaders hail pro-democracy changes in Arab World

The world most powerful countries which constitute the G8 countries are supporting the Arab Spring. They also demanded that the Libyan leader Col Moamar Gadhafi should step down. The group also promised to provide billions of dollars to the countries that are experimenting on democratic governments.

Although the meeting did not announce the total figure financial figure they are going to give to the Arab world but the Tunisian finance minister said that the amount could be up to $40 billion dollars. The group observed that democracy is the foundation for stability and economic growth. The meeting also had a meeting with the post revolutionary prime ministers of Tunisia and Egypt who pleaded with the G8 countries to aid their countries in their reform program.

The meeting was attended by presidents and prime ministers of the G8 group of countries. The prime minister of Britain, Canada, France Italy as well as Japan attended on the second day which was also the final day for the conference. The meeting was hosted by France president Mr. Nicholas Sarkozy. He is also the chairman of the summit. They also critical examined the situation in those countries that are resting change in their countries. They specifically mention Syria and Libya.

Obama reiterates need to respect 1967 borders in Middle East

President Barack Obama believes that the only way to bring about a lasting peace in Mideast is for Israel to respect the 1967 borders. It is the thinking of the administration that peace would continue to elude both Israel and Palestine unless Israel put hold to the expansions that is going on beyond the 1967 borders. The administration believes that it is only a parallel state that exists beside each other that can bring peace to the much troubled Middle East.

This American position is not going down well with the prime minister of Israel Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu. He was furious about the American position and described it as already determining the destiny of the territory in question even the actual talk begins. He said that any talk about the pre 1967 border is completely out of touch with the realities on ground in the Middle East. He said the state of Israel would never agree to such a proposal.

The prime minister criticized the policy  by president Obama as well as the Republican party presidential aspirant Miti Romney saying that they have thrown the state of Israel under the bus. The reactions from the inside and outside the US and Israel are such furious that people have started wondering whether Obama is trying to undermine the state of Israel.

President Obama urges Middle East for peace talks

The president of the United States of America Barack Obama has stated that the time is ripe to solve the conflict between Israel and Palestine. He said that is the only road map to a sustainable peace in the Middle East.

The president spoke after a meeting with the Jordan king Abdullah in White House. The president is slated to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday on the way forward in bringing lasting peace between the two countries. This was coming barely a day after the president talked to the American people over his policies in the Mid east as well as the uprising that that are related to pro democracy in some countries in that region.

Obama said that the two parties that are involved have to start serious negotiations on how to establish two independent states that would be living side by side of each other.

Obama also commented on the crisis that sweeping the mid east by pro democracy movements who wants their countries to embrace democracy, he said that dialogue remain the solution adding that the US would be working to provide equitable solutions to the problems that have been engulfing the region in the recent times.

Syrian crisis poses challenge to Middle-east peace

All the neighbors of Syria including Israel and Iran are of the opinion that the present regime in Syria must end now. The situation in Syria is much more complicated than it appears. All the countries and the happenings in the middle-east have close links with consequences and developments in Syria. All the situations arising out in Middle East due to Hamas, Iran, Lebanon, Israel, America., Iraq, Hezbollah are having some direct or indirect link with Syrian factor.

The role of Syrian people makes the situation even more complex. There is a fraction of people who thinks that the Present is providing the stability and security to the regime,. If the President is ousted, then the whole of Syria would be lost in uncertainty like Iraq and Afghanistan. People of Syria still remember the situation in Iraq where the country is lost in political uncertainty. The neighbors are worried about situation in Syria.

The Israel has her own dilemma.¬† Israel has concerns of getting off the bath party rule. Israel’s fear is that the Bath party rule may end up and more radical govt. Also Israel is closely examining the developments in Syria especially when the army will take over the epicenter of revolt Deraa.