Louisiana filled with rain, tropical storm lee dominates

Southern Louisiana witnesses heavy rainfall due to tropical storm lee on Saturday. The storm continues hanging off the Gulf of Mexico with strong winds of 60 mph. Weather experts predict there is a possibility of heavy flooding in southern Alabama as well as Mississippi and Louisiana. The region is expected to receive a rainfall of around 20 inches due to storm lee.

According to the National Weather Service, center of the storm might hit the Louisiana coast on Saturday afternoon and probably slow down as moving toward southern Louisiana.

Local officials have alarmed the residents and declared states of emergency in Mississippi and Louisiana and people have been taken away to safer places. Pictures of the areas prone to floods have been put online in order to keep people aware.

Though the officials are prepared to tackle any emergency with swift-water rescue teams, they did not want to be a failure as during Katrina hurricane that occurred in 2005.The officials further revealed that Scenario in the New Orleans sea were also very much similar to other areas that are flooded and it would take few days to clear water from the streets.

Mississippi Threats: Pressure Eases on Levees

American residents along the Mississippi River are beginning to show sign of relief as the pressure which has been on the Mississippi River has reduced. This is as a result of the opening of the Morganza Spillway. This has reduced the pressure on the levees. This made the Mississippi River to crest last Tuesday.

Releasing water from the Mississippi river is continuing making it possible for the river not to swell beyond 45 feet as against 47.5 which was predicted at the commencement of the problem some weeks back. This was confirmed by an official of the National Weather Service Ron Trumbla. He said the reduction in the build up of the river was as a result of the spillway which was opened. He said if not for the wise decision that was taken to open the spillway the water level would have reached the level that was predicted earlier.

However the spillage of the water has washed away farm lands as the water passes into the river where it was channeled but at least it has saved the largest city in the state of Louisiana. Evacuations have been going on the towns around the cities that are located within that basin.

Mississippi floodgate troubles Cajun County

Mississippi flooding has led to the opening of the Morganza floodway in Louisiana. This is causing troubles for the Cajun county because it is sending floods from Mississippi river.

The option to open the waterway was to forestall impending flooding which was forecast by the National Weather Service which estimated that the flow of the river would be more than 1.5 million cubic of water per second. The city levee would not be able to carry such a volume of water. The other option that was left was to open the floodgate to make for the increase in the water volume.

But few minutes of opening the gate the water started causing havoc by flooding the river basin. This has put the river in the state to be under serious pressure. This pressure is believed will continue to be for a long time to come according to the president of the Mississippi River Commission Major Gen Walsh. He promised that the river would be given what it needs. The flooding is posing a challenge to the waterborne commerce.

This has led to the closing of the bridge which is the major source of outlet outside the bridge and the closure would continue to be there until the total inspection is complete.

Historic flooding threatens Mississippi Delta

The expected happened as the Mississippi River flooded the whole Delta area. The water destroyed mansions, farmlands as well as shotgun shacks in what was described as a historic flooding yesterday.

The flooding which was done in the poorest part of the US was almost as deadly as the flooding that was recorded in 1937. The flood affected the neighborhood while the parts of the city were not affected because of the levees which were built to offer some protections.

The signals of what will befall the city was live throughout the past weeks as the flood waters had been encroaching to the neighborhood which forced many of the Delta residents to move to the higher grounds. This has affected the economy of the state because the dockside casinos were closed down. This is the main stay of the economy of the state.

What has just happened is a sign of the major disaster that is about to come as more flooding is expected along the Delta area of the state. However people in the south of the Delta were not affected as the other parts of the Delta although some homes were damaged by the flood but it cannot be compared to what is happening in the other part of the Delta.

Mississippi flood likely to bring large-scale disaster

The surging Mississippi river may prove to be a large scale disaster. From the trends of the flooding, the swelling is well over recorded levels sending panics down the spine of the already traumatized city residents.

The over flooding of the water along the Midwest has already caused panic among the population as many of the dwellers of the city had started to move their belongings away from the city. The rate of the flooding has put to serious tests the levees which were put to checkmate the surging water.

Already the residents are warned to get prepared for the worst flooding the city is going to witness for over seventy years. The flooding according to the warning may even start tonight. It is the persistent rainfall that is putting the river above the basin limits. The rainfall is worsening the already devastated water levels in the city.

A report had it that thousands of residents of Memphis are getting ready for the storm, many of the residents are worried because they do not know what the future will hold for them in view of the distress from the troubled waters. Already many of the residents are building such protective measures as buffer to counter the force with which the water will descend to the city.

Mississippi floods raises political disputes

Water flooding in Mississippi Delta has opened another chapter in the political and historical evolution of the city. For years the people of the Cleveland are known to be fascinated about politics, crops and other important national issues that could better their future in American politics.

Since the flooding the tone of the conversation has for the first time in 76 years changed to another thing and that is the issue of water. On Friday morning the leaders of the Cleveland gathered together to talk about water which they acknowledged is both dangerous and wonderful.

Attention shifted to water since the flooding of the Mississippi river which affected the economic wellbeing and social life of the citizens for the first time in more than seven decades. The water bulge has caused some dislocations in the country as some of the residents of the city have since moved out of the water devastated environment.

The gathering on Friday was to brain storm on the best way to come on top of a similar situation in the future and to avert the future occurrence. The gathering was all expectants of new things that were never seen in the city before according to the key speaker at the occasion Col Jeffrey Eckstein who is the commander of the army corps of engineers that is located within the city.

Anxiety rises along the flood-swollen Mississippi

There is anxiety all over the neighborhood of the lower Mississippi. The residents have packed their belongings and the emergency workers are busy feeling bags with sands to prevent the river from overflowing the neighborhood.

Already thousands of residents have already started moving out of the area. From the intensity of the impending flooding this may be one of the largest disasters that befall the neighborhood since 1920s.

There is an expectation that the same thing which was done in Missouri where army engineers blew the levee where the water has to escape in order to save the teaming thousands of the population who would have been negatively affected. Already muddy and farmers are already in desperate move to have way out of the ugly situations.

There are indications that the water level has reached what was obtained in the 1927 and 1937 that produced some of the worst flood ever recorded in history would likely repeat itself.

However because of the protective measures that were put in place those years of turbulent floods the current threat may not be as destructive as that of the seventy years ago. The levees as well as the locks which were built then can be used once more to deal with the threats.