Rick Perry Could change things in New Hampshire

The outcome of the nomination in New Hampshire could change the political fortune for the Texas Governor Rick Perry who has joined the presidential race on Republican platform. For sometime the presidential aspirant has concentrated in the state to better his chances in the polls.

The state by history is not a favourite hotspot for evangelical Republicans, but the aspirant hopes on his political strategist Dave Carney who is an indigene of the place to win the state. If that happens it could change the political equation in the Republican nominations.

The presidential aspirant hit the streets in the state to earn the attention and support of the people of the state. So far the support for the aspirant is mainly from the south and evangelical voters. He needs the 233 votes in the state to retain the tempo which he generated when he entered the race.

Although the state is dominated by presidential front runner Mitt Romney, it is expected that if the governor is to make a good impression even by coming second at the polls it could change many things in the race as his chances would be further boosted.

Perry is determined to make an impact in the state as he is campaigning vigorously. He could create the kind of impact Bill Clinton created in 1992.