Thailand Bomb Blast

A series of bomb blasts hit Thailand over the last 24 hours killing at least one person and injuring more than 20 people. The bombs first went off at the tourist town of Hua Hin on Thursday night 11th August, 2016. They bombs which are believed to be detonated by mobile phones went of near Hua Hin clock tower.
Hua Hin Thailand
More explosions were reported in the southerns cities of Phang-Nga, Surat Thani,where one person died and Phuket which is popular destination among foreign tourists visiting Thailand.
The country which was preparing for the Mothers Day celebration on Friday on Her Majesty the Queens birthday caught off-guard when the unexpected event happened. The authorities have asked people not to panic. Our staff Sam from Bangkok reported that Bangkok is safe and it is safe to travel in the capital city.

On Friday morning two more explosions were reported from Hua Hin. At this stage we do not know about any causalities resulting from the morning blasts.

Thailand Explosions, Where?

According to BBC news, the explosions occurred in the following towns.

  • Two people died in Hua Hin. Totally 4 explosions.
  • 2 Blasts occurred in Patong near Phuket.
  • One explosion in Phang Nga provonce.
  • One person died in Trang province died in an explosion.
  • One person killed in Surat Thani where two blasts were reported.

For more details on the blasts see the Bangkok Post news online.

Pokemon Hit Bangkok Streets

The popular mobile game Pokemon go is an instant hit in Thailand with hundreds of people in the Thai capital downloaded the game and started playing. The Pokemon go game was not expected to be available in the country until September. But on Saturday 6th August, Thai game lovers woke-up to a pleasant surprise when the much awaited game became available on google playstore.
Thailand Gamers
On Sunday people in Thailand went out to vote for referendum on a new constitution draft. The authorities have warned Pokemon Go against wandering into polling stations. The game that forces the players to physically go out and hunt down creatures named pokemon is expected to be a huge hit in the Southeast Asian country. The creators of the game used augmented reality (AR) technology to show the creatures on screen of the players mobile phone while the camera on your phone displays the video as well resulting in a reality game effect.

On Sunday people were seen walking around in search of Pokemon in popular malls and other public places in the Thai capital.

The country is a popular travel and honeymoon destination for people across the globe.